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Ferrum AG

Centrifuge Technology

Since Ferrum produced the first industrial centrifuges in 1935, the company has developed to a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance scraper and pusher centrifuges. Today, well-known producers from the chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries trust in the trouble-free solid-liquid separation of Ferrum centrifuges.  


Ecarb Srl

Beyond Graphite

Our material and product portfolio can match the requirements of any process line, especially when corrosive fluids are involved.Steel, rubber, PTFE, exotic metals, silicon carbide and our graphite Graphec®: we design and manufacture process accessories, equipment and turn-key systems. Our passion and our competence will provide a priceless added value.  


Düker Email Technologie GmbH

Glass Lining Technologies

The pipelines, fittings, valves, bottom outlet valves and columns from DÜKER can be combined to form durable complex units.The users have many options including our standard product rage, the construction of special parts or even construction of whole chemical plants.  


SEP Salt&Evaporatıon

Evaporation and Crystallization

Specialist for evaporation and crystallization processes and is a leading supplier for the following technologies;NaCl – brine purification ,NaCl and Na2SO4 – crystallization and re-crystallization, CaCl2 – concentration, flaking, pelletising and granulating, (NH4)2SO4, KCl, etc. – special crystallization, Treatment of industrial waste waters and salt recovery,  Al2O3 – concentration of aluminate liquor in bauxite processing, Aluminium Rolling Mills – recovery of rolling oil  


Ablaze Export Inc.

Glass works

Ablaze specializes in designing, fabrication, engineering, supply & installation of equipments & plant made of Borosilicate Glass 3.3 (Including Pilot Plant –kilo labs / Mini Plant , Teaching Units & all Glass Equipment complies with ISO 3585/3586) meant for the chemicals , pharmaceutical industries and R&D and laboratory and petrochemicals usage.  


Thaletec GmbH

Glasslining Technology

Thaletec provide you with the entire range of glass lined apparatus, including tanks, columns and receivers. As well as highly effective mixing apparatus with double jackets or half-pipe coils. Or our especially effective glass lined compact heat exchangers, or SIC-tube exchangers in an even more compact design. Or spare parts that ensure a high availability of your plant  

Tantalum condensers Pharma

Tantec GMBH

The Tantalum Company

As the leading company in processing and treatment of Tantalum, TANTEC sets the standard for quality. Each component produced by us is subject to the most stringent quality control measures. In contrast to most companies, TANTEC exclusively works withTantalum everyday. This is reflected in outstanding quality, as our employees do not have to constantly deal with a diverse range of material properties. Added to that is a manufacturing facility optimally equipped to manufacture with tantalum.

Chemical Process Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

FRP/GRP chemical process equipments

Started in 1964 , Chemical Process Equipments the pioneer of FRP in India has grown to be India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of FRP/GRP equipments. Driven by passion for quality, excellence and complete customer satisfaction, CPE has many ‘First’ and ‘Biggest’ to its name as it continues to gain the trust and serve customers worldwide for over 50 years.